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Video Blog!

I have started a video blog in the hope that it will be less time-consuming than writing one. If you follow this handy link, you can watch it.

Book Trailer Bonanza!

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of visiting Mount St Benedict College in Sydney to talk all things books and writing with some of the students there. It was pretty great because, not only were the girls delightful, but they also gave me cake. As part of the activities leading up to the visit, the girls were invited to make book trailers for The Sky So Heavy, with the prize for the top three being lunch and cake-eating with me. I was also asked to pick a winner, which… Read more Book Trailer Bonanza!

Children’s Book Council Honour and Inky Award Shortlist…. Hurrah!

Hello dear readers, It has been more than a little while since last we met in Blogsville and I was feeling bad about this until I realised that while I may not have published a blog in the last two months, I have published another novel, which I dare say is more impressive. Yes, The Protected was released into the world on July 23. (You should go and buy a copy from a good book store, an actual real-life book store because they are an endangered habitat and the government has just… Read more Children’s Book Council Honour and Inky Award Shortlist…. Hurrah!