Radio National review The Sky So Heavy

I’m quite the ABC Radio National fangirl, so to hear The Sky So Heavy reviewed on Books and Arts Daily (along with some other book called The Fault in Our Stars) was more than a bit spesh. 5528698-3x4-340x453

Follow the trusty link to have a listen…



  1. What a great endorsement on national radio, and well deserved! Both my son and I loved this book. I bought it after hearing you speak at the Perth Writer’s Festival, thinking he might enjoy it – but he had already read it! So he read it again, and then I did too. Looking forward to reading your next book.

  2. I found your book – The Sky So Heavy- on my Library’s bookshelf, borrowed it and emerged three hours later – two trams and a train ride home. Wow – it’s awesome – one of the best books I’ve read. Thank you so much for writing it, I’m now offering it up to my students and any teacher who will listen to me – as a great book for group readings. I just can’t praise it enough – you made a great book.

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    This is one of my favourite books ever – I read it yesterday – on my birthday and two trams and a train ride (three hour commute) later I was like wow – what a great book. If you need something for teenagers to read, or even Grade 6 students – then this is the book for them. Engaging characters in a future not so far away from what is happening now. Great work from a Great Australian author!