Birth: baby vs book

Having done both twice, I can declare to you dear reader that giving birth is not as similar to writing a book as one might be led to believe. That said, whilst I have two humans that are out and about in the world, the first of my books will not be out and about, as it were, until 2013/14. So it could be argued that it is still in the gestation phase, rather than, you know born and stuff. Perhaps I will be proven wrong. Perhaps the path from final draft to published novel will involve an awful lot of yelling, weird fluids and happy gas. I suppose we shall wait and see.

In the meantime, I have an eight-week old and a four-year old demanding my attention. So it will be very interesting indeed to see when my next post goes up, not to mention if it is actually more than mindless rambling.

And yes, that is vomit on my cardigan. Thank you for noticing.

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  1. i look forward to any ramblings as it speaks of the reality of the situation. two exciting wonderful jobs- mother and writer.